If you are looking for information specific to your graduation. Please go to Robe Hire, Student Hire, Choose your institution and click ceremony information.

You will be shown

  • How and where to collect your gown(including a map of your campus)

  • Ceremony Times.

  • Details of how to return your gown.


3D Secure:

At all times Phelan Conan Limited employs the highest standard of security to protect your data from any unauthorised third party, and with that in mind we have updated our website & payment processing security systems to include 3D secure.

How does this affect you?

If you are using internet explorer, and experience problems, we would advise you to switch to google chrome.

  • You will need to set your credit or debit card up with a visa or master card verification.  If you have not seen this before, you will be able to set it up on screen.

  • If you have set this up already you will be asked for your 3D secure or verification password, before your payment will be validated.


Other FAQ’s

1.  What Height do I Select?

Please select your height from head to toe without your shoes

2.  Do I need to book a mortar board?

Your mortar board is available in collection, it does not need to be booked separately.

3.  I have missed my booking deadline

If you have missed your deadline, please go to robe hire, student hire, choose your institution as the deadline may have been extended.  If not please follow the instructions.

4.  Where do I collect my gown?

Please go to robe hire, student hire, choose your institute and click ceremony information.

5.  Where do I return my gown/How long can I have the gown for?

Robes are generally returned on the day of the graduation in the same place they were collected. For extended hire please inform our staff on the day your collect your robe.  The staff will give you further information.

6.  How do I wear my robe?

Our staff will be available on the day of the graduation to help you put on your robe correctly.

7.  How do I know my order has been placed?

You will receive a text message(and an e-mail as backup) with your reference number.  You will need to bring the reference number on the day of your graduation.

8.  My University is not listed.

This generally means you are trying to book before Phelan Conan Limited has been given the information about your graduation.  Please e-mail amy@phelanconan.com to let her know.  She will then request the information from your college and put it up on our website in a day or two.

9.  My course is not listed.

Please e-mail amy@phelanconan.com with your full course name and faculty details.

10.  What form of payment do you accept?

We accepted Visa and Mastercard on our website.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Bank Draft and Postal Order on the day of the graduation.  We do not accept cash on site.